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Learning by play 

Q."What kindergartner skills can I instill in my preschool aged child?"

A. Work with your child so that they will be able to:

1. Print first name legibly.

2. Recite last name, phone number, and street address.

3.Identify most capital/lowercase letters, out of sequence, including sound of each letter represents.

4. Write most capital letters correctly.

5. Count to 20

6. Use twist top glue, scissors, markers,and crayons appropriately.

7. Handle own clothes ( tie shoes, button,zip and buckle)

8. Use restroom and blow nose by themselves

Themed Learning

The children are led in activities that reflect a monthly theme.

For example, one month has the theme "Animals" and the following sub-themes; Farm Animals, Pets, Wild Animals, and Baby Animals. In addition, the curriculum highlights specific letters and specific numbers each month.

These lessons are taught with professionally developed:

  • Learning activities
  • Art and craft projects
  • Activity poems
  • Stories and fingerplays
  • Games and P.E. skill building
  • Health and safety lessons
  • Science lessons

For children not yet able or just not interested in participating in learning activities, visual and auditory exposure of the lessons as they play nearby is still taking place.

Miriam is well aware that self and peer directed play are also ways that children learn. Mathematical and other skills abound in the child's play world. She will accommodate your child's interest in free choice play and yet, at the same time, will still expose and offer structured learning activities to him or her.    

You are invited to make an appointment to see samples of Miriam's themed curriculum today!

The natural curriculum of childhood

Miriam has observed that one child's interests can be "contagious" and provoke interest in another child, which can benefit both. 

For example, one of Miriam's former charges was very interested in the solar system and his interest and artwork led to this copied artwork by his friend. 

Learning is a natural by-product of childhood. :)
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