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La Jolla More than just childcare -What Parents Say

"You have become an integral part of Trevor’s development and growth."


It is so hard for me to put into words how much your year of care has meant to me. You have become an integral part of Trevor’s development and growth. Your love of all the kids and the warmth and security in your program is unsurpassed. Thank you. M.

P.S. If we have another one he/she will be with you too -I hope!


"You gave him the best start any child could have..."

Dear Mimi, Thank you again for all your work and guidance with Dale. You are a very special person to our family,

Dear Mimi, just a little note to say thank you for all that you are doing with Dale. He’s a happy child under your care and this grandma is very happy my daughter found you. …

Dear Mimi, I miss bring Dale to you. You gave him the best start any child could have and I shall always be grateful. You are doing such a great service…-F.


"You’re an important part of what makes our family function so beautifully."

Dear Mimi,

Christmas Eve marks a very happy one year anniversary for us -the first day Sam came to you. He looks forward every morning to learning and playing with his friends and fun toys and the activities that you provide.

We’re very appreciative of the professional way you run your business and the love you show for Sam. You’re an important part of what makes our family function so beautifully. We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

Love, M., G. and Sam

P.S. We love the group photo you sent us! Sam has decided to name the bear you gave him the very original name "Teddy"!


Dear Mimi,

We can’t begin to tell you how happy we’ve all been with Sam’s spending the last 2 ½ years at your daycare -how quickly it’s passed!

The care and nurturing he’s received from you has helped shape him into the confident and sociable boy who will soon enter kindergarten.

Every morning Sam has looked forward to going to Mimi’s House and he frequently tells us how much he loves you. We’ve been delighted to have him come home from daycare singing childhood songs we had both long forgotten.

We’re grateful for the patience you’ve shown while Sam’s gone through "the terrible twos", his hyperactivity, and his testing the limits.

We wish you continued success with your daycare…

We can’t think of a better experience for a growing child!

With love,

M & G


"You have a special gift."

Mimi, Thank you so much you do for Calvin and all the kids. You have a special gift. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year. -H. and Calvin

Mimi, Another year has come and gone and I find myself trying to put into words the gratitude I feel for everything you do for Calvin (and all the other kids). It is not possible for me to put this into words so please take this heartfelt "thank you" and here’s wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a new-year filled with much joy and happiness, H. and Calvin P.S. Calvin picked out this card

Miss Mimi, Thank you for all your wonderful care and concern of Calvin. We will always be your biggest supporters! Happy B-day! Love, B. and Calvin


"After 3 ½ years, I will miss you more than you can imagine!"

"I’m lucky you’re my teacher. Every day I learn something new, and school is lots of fun for me too, Because I’m really lucky--My teacher is you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!" Mimi, I love you! B.

Mimi (& family),"Hope this Thanksgiving is a rich celebration for you and those you love." We are very thankful that we have had you all these years! All our love, Sarah (and family)

Mimi, Thank you very much for taking care of Sarah & letting her spend the night- (her first "sleepover"!) She couldn’t have been in better hands and we truly appreciate your coming to our help in a time of need!

Thank you Mimi! After 3 ½ years, I will miss you more than you can imagine! Much love and gratitude to you, always, Sarah

[Two children in this family were under Miriam‘s care in their young childhoods]


"Blanka will never forget the wonderful time spent with you"

Happy Birthday dear Mimi! You’ll always have a special place in our hearts, and Blanka will never forget the wonderful time spent with you. Wishing you only the best, K. , A. and Blanka

"Thank you sooooo, sooooo much" for taking care of me and loving me and teaching me so many things… I will miss you very much, but I will always remember the beautiful time spent together, and I will be always happy to return to "Mimi’s House". I love you very much Mimi, Blanka <drawing of crying heart>


"She had the best!"

Mimi, Thank you so very much for your love & care of T.. I am very grateful to have you in T.’s life. You are a blessing. Love, the T. family

Mimi, Thank you so much for all your love and guidance in T.’s development. She had the best! Love, L. and family


"People who are true role models surround our children."

Mimi, Thank you for taking such good care of me. Mom, dad and I are very happy! Happy Valentine’s Day! -Maya

Dear Mimi, I have thought so much about you and your family…I want you to know that having seen a small part of all the pain, hark work and love you all shared in being Phil’s family and caregivers, has and is a great inspiration to us. It makes us feel very blessed to know you and to know that people who are true role models surround our children. We think of you as our family…Thank you for being a part of our life! S. E.,  M. and M.

[Two children in this family were under Miriam‘s care in their young childhoods]


"Mimi is extremely considerate toward the parents"

Mimi Toth took care of our son for a little over two years. During that time, we never had a moment’s worry about his care during the day. We echo the opiions of all the other parents we know of children of Mimi’s House in saying that Mimi offers a wonderful environment for small children. She is mature, caring and seemingly tireless! Our son just loves Mimi and always looked forward to going to her House, doing the activities, and playing with the other children.

Mimi is a person who clearly loves her work. She is very creative with designing special art projects for the kids to work on. She gives the kids time to explore things on their own. She is very patient and positive with the children.

She has always called us promptly if our son was not feeling well enough to be there. Mimi is extremely well-organized and considerate toward the parents. (For example, she notified us probably five months in advance when she was going to take one week of vacation!)

Finding a satisfactory situation for the care of young children is a problem for many parents. For us, and for many others, Mimi’s House has not been just satisfactory, it has been exceptional!

Dr. C. and D., La Jolla, CA


Dear Mimi,

We will be never able to thank you enough for your caring and kindness toward Justin! We hope you feel free to use us as references for the parents of prospective children. Please use this gift for yourself, your business or whatever your needs are.

Our love and best wishes,

Dr. C. and D.


"Your friends,"

Mimi, We can’t even express how grateful we are to have you watching Alexandra. The Lord has blessed us by having you in Alexandra’s life! Thank you! J., K. and Alexandra


Happy Birthday Mimi!! Thanks for all your love and attention!! Love, Alexandra


Mimi, We can’t thank you enough for being so wonderful with Alexandra. She has learned so much while in your care! You’re a terrific person and we wish you the best of luck in the future. Thanks again! Your friends, J., K. and Alexandra


"You really have made a big difference in our lives"

Dear Mimi,

I want to thank you for all you’ve done for Jake in the past 3 years. You really have made a big difference in our lives -doing such a great job and really caring for the kids. It’s really hard to move on when you’ve been part of our life for so long. I only hope the future is as full of blessings as our time with you has been. I know that you’ll be in our hearts forever and I hope to see you often in the future. Thanks again; you are really special! …


Jake, J & G


"The care you give Isabella cannot be matched anywhere"




Words cannot express our sadness upon leaving Mimi’s House nor the gratitude we have for you for the exceptional care you have provided my daughter, Isabella.

The care you give Isabella cannot be matched anywhere. You taught her that there are rules one must follow, yet gave her freedom to explore and to be creative. You taught her her colors, shapes, counting, and caring. You teach the kids that is fun to learn and we hope they will carry it with them forever. I’ll never forget Isabella coming home and singing songs she learned at Mimi’s!

You offer them a safe, secure, fun, creative environment where kids can be kids. You treat the children as if they were your own, and that is unique.

You constantly go beyond the call of duty and take them places such as the library, McDonalds, the beach, etc.

These are memories I am sure Isabella will always treasure.

We are sad to leave, Mimi, and we thank you for giving your love to Isabella. WE hope to visit you and wish you all the best. Thank you also for all the extended aftercare you provided Izzy. You again did much more than what was expected of you!

Thank you also for the "extended care givers" -your family. Their support and friendliness will always be remembered. What a special family you have!

Again, thanks, and we hope to visit in January!

God bless you!


B. and Isabella


"All days with you are the kind of days I love"

"You take good care of me! It makes my heart happy, it makes my heart glad,

To think of the giggles and fun that we’ve had, That’s why I’m so happy to know that I’ve got

A special caregiver who I like a lot! "Happy Valentine’s Day"

Dear Mimi, I am having so much fun and all days with you are the kind of days I love. Big hug, Nadia


"Happy memories forever"

Dear Mimi, … I really want to thank you for being such a big part of my son’s life for this past year. His day’s at "Mimi’s House" will be happy memories forever and have been so important for him. … Fondly, T.


"We are so happy to have found you."

We are so happy to have found you. Thank you. V. and family


"I will always be willing to provide an excellent reference for you"

"Dear Miriam, "Thank you for your kindness" Danielle was so happy with your "house" and we both will miss you. I will always be willing to provide an excellent reference for you. Thanks for all your care. K.


"We adore you"

Dear Mimi, Thank you for loving Vanessa and all "your" kids so very much. We adore you. Merry Christmas Love, J. & R.


"You have been such an important part of her beginning years"

Dear Mimi, I just want to thank you for all the love and care you have for I. You have been such an important part of her beginning years. I am so happy she is a part of your daycare, she loves it there and I feel real comfortable leaving her there with you. … Sincerely, K.


"The smile on my face comes from the thanks in my heart."

Dearest Mimi J, "The smile on my face comes from the thanks in my heart. Thank you truly." T. will miss your house so much. Wish to see you soon. J From A., S. and T.


"She has loved it from her first day"

Dear Mimi, We wish you a very happy, happy Birthday! T. has only been going to Mimi’s House for 2 weeks now -but she has loved it from her first day! It is such a relief for me not to worry about her care anymore. I feel so happy and confident that my darling little girl is being care for her by you. S. & N and T!


You’re a blessing!

 Mimi- …Happy New Year! Thank you so much for taking good care of Isabella! You’re a blessing! K. and Isabella


"Thank you for your loving care"

Dear Miriam,

"Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year." Thank you for your loving care of our son Alec. B. & K.


"I’ve got someone special who takes good care of me!"

Dear Mimi,

"I guess I’m just as lucky as a kid could ever be. ‘Cause I’ve got someone special who takes good care of me! Happy Valentine’s Day!"

I love you, Zachary



"We think the world of you"

Mimi, We think the world of you and are so glad you are in our lives. Merry Christmas.

Mimi, I love you very very very much (x15) much. -S. (child) Mimi, we love you too! We’re eternally grateful for you and the wonderful care and friendship you give us all. R. & K. (parents of S.) 


"It meant much more than you will ever know"

Miriam, "To thank you for the kindness that you took the time to show, and to tell you that it meant much more than you will ever know!" Love, I. & B


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